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The RVing Demographic is Changing. Working on the road or raising a family while nomadic is no longer a rarity but a rapidly growing segment of the RV lifestyle. Modern technology has provided new tools to make life on the road easier, making pursuing this dream increasingly possible for many aspiring RVers. Xscapers embraces this change and is ready to be a part of it with you. This isn’t only our way of life, it’s a conscious ideal.

We are a RV lifestyle group of Escapees RV Club that is inspired by the club’s original roots. Escapees founders Joe and Kay Peterson were just 43 years old and working on the road when they started full-time RVing. When they formed the Escapees RV Club in 1978, 40 percent of the members were under age 50, the majority were still working at least part-time, and nine of the first 100 member-families were traveling full-time with their kids. Xscapers goal is to bring Escapees back to its roots of providing services for working-age RVers.

Escapees continues to be the industry leader for RV lifestyle education. This provides you with a trusted 40-year foundation that enables us to furnish a completely unique set of resources and support while still giving you a club that fits your specific needs.

Service Area: Nationwide

Get the latest listings directly to your inbox!